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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days a week do you deliver?

We deliver Sundays through Thursdays to client's homes, workcenters and pickup locations.

Can you match my macros with your meals?

In our custom meal section you can build your meals exaclty the way you want them.

How long will the meals last?

Meals have a five days shelf life. We offer split delivery options (split your order into 2 separate delivery days during the week) to help ensure your meals are fresh until you finish your last one. Yes you can freeze your meals and it will last up to a month.

What type of Ground Turkey and Ground Beef do you use?

We use 93/7 ground turkey and our ground beef is 96/4, ground by hand by our Chefs.

Why is there a Bag Fee?

The bag fee only applies to home deliveries. Our drivers will leave the store with your meals in a thermal bag with ice packs to ensure freshness during transport. Upon arrival, if the customer is home and the bag is returned to our store the bag fee will be refunded to the customer. If the customer is not home at the time of delivery, and if there is no cooler with ice packs left outside the door for the meals, your meals will be left at your doorstep in the thermal bag with the ice so your meals stay cool until your return home. Simply return the bag to the driver with the next delivery or return it to our store for refund of the fee (The refunded fee will be applied to your digital wallet, you can use the credit in your next order). Otherwise, you may keep the thermal bag if you wish to not have the fee refunded.

How many meals can you fit in a delivery bag?

We can fit up to10 meals in a delivery bag, any order over 10 meals will required another bag. Once the delivery is complete and the delivery bags are checked into our system we will refund the bag fee.

What are fresh points (Credit)?

Fresh points are credit added to your digital wallet, every time you make a purchase a % goes into your digital wallet. Use the Fresh points towards your next order and enjoy some rewards.